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Kickstarting An Exciting New Career

The Lash Studio & Academy is here for aspiring lash techs ready to jump into a career of lashing, and active lash artists looking to expand their skills!

We offer eyelash extension courses in person at our Edmonton studio – a comprehensive 2-day class with direct access to your instructor.  

We also provide online lash courses that are perfect for students, moms, shift workers, service based industries and basically anyone with busy schedules who will have the ability to learn at their own pace, plus in the comfort of your own home!

On top of the lash courses, we offer business retreats all over the world and workshops local in Edmonton to grow yourself and take your business to the next level. 

Graduates of both in-person & online courses receive certification from the Lash Studio & Academy & lifetime discounts on products.

How will you learn?

In Person Classes & Intensive Lash Training Programs

We offer group certification lash courses and 3 Month Intensive lash programs in Edmonton!

You will learn lash application techniques and new lash extensions trends PLUS tips on how to start building your business!

Group training runs twice per month and the class size is up to 5 students.

Ready to kickstart your new career?!

Online Courses

Our Online Lash Course covers everything you need to get started in your new lash career!

Learn how to apply Classic & Volume lash extensions, lash products, health & safety in your workspace, lash removals, allergies and lash health, business and marketing to get your new lash business launched and much more!!

eyelash extensions  training course 

Are You Ready To Level Up?

Are you adding lash extensions to your service list? Do you want to have another part time job that actually doesn’t feel like work? Is your goal to become YOUR OWN BOSS and create something for yourself?! 

Make it to one of our IN PERSON LASH COURSES Located in Edmonton, Alberta.

If you cannot make it to this location, you are able to work from the comfort of your own home and Learn How To Apply Lash Extensions Online!


Why Our Students Choose Us!

Brett L
Brett L
My girlfriend has just completed this course. It's like she's a new woman. Not only did she learn new skills, she has also gained confidence in her field which has impacted her life on a much grander scale. She was beyond impressed with the knowledge and professionalism shown by the instructor, Justine. This is Alberta's go to lash course!
Maryjoyce Sison
Maryjoyce Sison
Did my 2 day lash course with Justine and I can say that she is truly AMAZING! She made lashing very easy to learn!
Kayleigh Davis
Kayleigh Davis
I took my lash certification course with Justine. Wow! She was super knowledgeable and gave me the tools and information I needed to start a successful last career. 10/10 would recommend her course, products, and lash services :)
Sarita Sarvte
Sarita Sarvte
I didn’t know what to expect when getting lashes done for the first time, but seeing Justine made me feel so happy. She’s is very professional and absolutely wonderful to talk with. She makes amazing recommendations, and I love how she teaches you and makes you understand what she is doing as she works. Also super thorough and makes sure that you are completely happy with the outcome before you leave. I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone!😍😍
Mirian Hernandez
Mirian Hernandez
Super quiet and calm environment. I literally took a nap it was that relaxing. Students worked on me but they had proper instruction and guidance throughout the whole experience. I felt comfortable and sure that a good job was going to be done. Super happy with my lashes and most likely will be back
Hayley Yaworski
Hayley Yaworski
Very excited about the lash extension online course! Very good information that helped get me started doing lashes. Thank you!

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A question we get all the time at The Lash Studio & Academy is "Do you have to be licensed to do lashes?" The answer 100% depends on where you live. In Canada, there are virtually no restrictions in place, or licenses required in order to do eyelash extensions....