Become A Lash Educator

Grow Your Business by Learning to Train Aspiring Lash Technicians with Our Exclusive Two-Day Online Course

Are You Ready to Take Your Lash Career to the Next Level?

Are you passionate about sharing your expertise and shaping the next generation of lash artists? If you’re looking to enhance your business and step into a role of leadership and influence, our program is designed for you. By becoming a lash educator, you not only expand your business but also empower aspiring technicians with the skills to succeed.

If You Answered Yes, Here’s Why You Should Become A Lash Educator

Starting the journey to becoming a lash educator not only diversifies your income but can also enriche your professional life and offer substantial rewards and personal growth. Here’s just a few of the benefits you can look forward to!

Expand Your Revenue

Diversify your income by delivering high-demand courses. As you train others, you unlock additional revenue streams that complement your existing lash services.

Sharpen Your Skills

Teaching others reinforces your own technical proficiency and keeps you updated with the latest industry advancements. You’ll continuously refine your craft as you prepare to teach it, ensuring you always stay ahead.

Inspire New Talent

Your experience and knowledge are invaluable. By mentoring up-and-coming lash artists, you contribute to their success and the overall upliftment of the industry. Witnessing your trainees succeed can be incredibly rewarding.

Personal Brand Building

Use your role as an educator to enhance your personal brand, positioning yourself as an expert and attracting higher-profile clientele.

What You Will Learn in The Lash Educator Course


Entrepreneurial Strategies for Lash Educators

Navigating the business side of teaching, including class pricing and financial management.


Student-Centered Teaching Methods

Crafting personalized learning experiences and adapting teaching methods to suit individual student needs.

Digital Tools for Modern Education

Utilizing online platforms and digital resources to enhance the learning experience

Networking and Community Building

Developing a professional network and fostering a community around your brand as a lash educator.

Course Curicullum

1. Fundamentals of Teaching
  • Classroom management
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Curriculum development
2. Advanced Lash Techniques
  • Latest trends in lash artistry
  • Mastery of various lash applications
  • Safety and hygiene standards
3. Business Management for Educators
  • Marketing your courses
  • Managing finances as an educator
  • Building a personal brand in the lash industry
4. Student Assessment and Feedback
  • Techniques for evaluating student progress
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Preparing students for certification
justine day, owner of the lash studio academy and head instructor of the eyelash extension course in edmonton

Your In Good Hands With An Experienced Lash Artist & Trainer By Your Side!

Hi, I’m Justine, and I know the journey you’re on because it mirrors my own path to success. After years of trial and error in various industries, I discovered my true calling in the lash business.

Now, as an owner of a thriving lash extension and education business, I’ve designed our courses to guide you toward expanding your services and embracing the fulfilling role of a teacher. With my expertise, you’ll learn not just to create beauty but to impart your knowledge effectively, elevating both your career and the standards of the industry.

Join me, and let’s transform your passion into a powerful educational experience for others, and in turn, craft the lifestyle and career you’ve always desired.