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Eyelash Extensions

Any Full lash sets: $250


Any Lash Set: $250

Any Fill

0-2.5 Weeks): $150| 1 Hour 15 Min

2.5-5 Weeks: $175| 1 Hour 45 Min

Classic Lash Extensions

A beautiful yet simple, natural-looking eyelash extenion style.

1 hour 45 Min

Hybrid Lash Extensions

A hybrid set provides you with a fuller, natural-looking eyelash style that offers more volume.

1 Hour 45 Mins

Volume Lash Extensions

This technique creates a more voluminous, fuller, and dramatic look than traditional lash extensions.

2 Hours

Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Mega volume allows for a denser and darker look since it uses these lightweight fans with numerous extensions.

2 Hours

Wet lash look

The overall effect is simlar to Classic Lashes but the wet lashes will appear darker and thicker.

2 Hours

Strip Lash/ Wispy volume lash extensions

A wispy style is a mixture of different lengths that doesn’t have the uniformity of a volume set.

2 Hours

Other Lash services

Lift & Tint

A beautiful yet simple, natural-looking eyelash style.

$115 | 1 Hour

Lash Removal

$50| 1 Hour