Lash Lift and Tint Edmonton

Starting at $89

Are you ready to wake up to effortlessly gorgeous eyelashes?

That clamping look already achieved and a fresh coat of mascara applied, without the damage to your natural lash?

Then a Lash Lift and Tint is perfect for you!

What Is A

Lash Lift

The Lash Lift is part one of this two-part service.

A lash lift replicates the effect that an eyelash curler has, bending the natural lash upwards to create longer and more defined lashes. This look is achieved without the risk of over-curling that an eyelash curler can sometimes cause.

No false lashes or harsh adhesives are used during this treatment.

The whole process lasts around 50 minutes, it’s safe and painless, and the results can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks.


lash lift being performed during lift and tint treatment
lash dye being applied during a lash lift and tint treatment

What Is A

Lash Tint

To really make the look stand out we wrap up the treatment with eyelash tinting.

We will dye your lashes a darker color to really make them stand out. Dyeing achieves the same enhanced color as mascara, without the extra weight and volume!

Our lash dyes are 100% safe and we typically use dark brown or black.

We will also verify any allergies or health concerns prior to application.


lash lift and tint edmonton

Enhances the look of your Natural Lash!

Cheaper than lash extensions

Lash lifts typically last longer than lash extensions

Works with short lashes! Yes, shorter and thinner lashes can receive this treatment and it looks amazing

Low maintenance and minor aftercare

How Long Does A Lash Lift and Tint Last?

A lash lift and tint will generally last about a month.

Continous use of products and makeup can cause the timeline to be a little shorter. As the weight from makeup can make your lashes start to lower.

Finally, avoid water, steam, eye makeup, and remover, and avoid touching the lashes within the first 24 hours of the treatment. This will help them last as long as possible!

Will A Lash Lift Damage My Natural Lashes?

If the treatment is done correctly your natural lash will not get damaged. 

A common way that this treatment can cause damage is by leaving the lift lotion or the set & tint lotion on for too long.

We have been doing lifts & tints for many years and we don’t leave any product applied longer than absolutely necessary. 

How Much is a Lash Lift?

We charge a flat rate of $89 for all lift and tint treatments!

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